IoT Midterm – Smart Coffee Cup

//// Really enjoyed and was a pleasure to see everyone’s concepts developed into very ////nice projects as well as have professors critique our work.

The Smart Coffee Cup was a small scale project firstly planned as a coffee brewing system. But this project follows the same goal and structure. I wanted to make monitoring of coffee safer by controlling coffee levels and heat power to prevent coffee from burning or evaporating.

IMG_3323 IMG_3400I used a water temperature sensor and a coffee level sensor that I made to know if the person is running low on coffee or coffee is too hot to drink. The system included a Piezo Buzzer, LED light, LCD screen and on/off button for the alarm system to inform the user for real-time monitoring and the LED lights would turn green or red depending on the inputs pressed.

The plan was to have data sent to the computer and represented as a p5js animation to show coffee levels or messages. While the touch sensitive module reset the system and start reading data again.

The assignment was not fully done, but will be continued as planned…

IMG_3405 IMG_3407

this is the repository on github:

IoT Midterm – Smart Coffee Cup

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